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Custom Savory Popcorn Bags - Mini Size - Minimum order of 15

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Our Mini size popcorn bags are perfect for all kinds of celebrations!

3 cups of popcorn sealed in crystal clear popcorn bags with custom labels.
Available in any of our savory popcorn flavors.

Movie Theater, Cheddar Cheese, Kettle Corn and more!

Choose your quantity of bags and flavor from the drop down menu.

Minimum order of 15 bags for custom designed labels. If you enter less than 15, your order will not be fulfilled.

If you do not need the custom labels, your bags will come with our flavor labels just like the photo with the Movie Theater popcorn bags.

This is the perfect serving size to eat a little bit now and save a little bit for later. They even come with the twist tie attached.

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Ask a Question
  • We are interested in providing our own label and affixing it ourselves. So we would need a clear bag. Is that an option? Is there a way to provide you with the graphics you print on the label? IF so do you do a trial run? What is involved in either of these options. Thank you!

    Hi Andrea, we have both options available.
    Mini bags... You can request blank bags without labels by leaving a note on the cart page "special instructions" box. 
    All flavors are available in the Mini size bags.

    The Custom Mini bags have custom printed labels. You would email me the details or logo for the labels and I will email you samples to approve before printing.

    Email me directy and I can help you out more.

    Thank you, Carly

  • What is the shelf life of your popcorn?

    Hello, shelf-life will depend on the flavor category.
    Our Savory flavor category (cheesy/salty) will stay fresh 1-2 weeks if sealed. The Savory flavors are made with real cheese that contain natural oil. The popcorn doesn't "go bad" so to speak but the oil from the cheese will start to absorb into the popcorn and it will lose it's crunch.
    Fresh is always best!

    Candied & Specialty flavors will stay fresh for 1 month if sealed in the bag and stored at room temp and out of sunlight.
    These flavors have a candied outer shell (like Caramel popcorn) that protects them from absorbing moisture and going stale.

    Hope this info helps.

  • is the popcorn gluten free?

    Hi Lisa, gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye. Popcorn is naturally gluten free but some of our gourmet flavors do contain gluten products.
    I don't know which flavor you are asking about so I'll just give you some basic info. You will need to go to the menu tab on our website and look at the individual flavors for a list of ingredients.
    All of our Savory (salty or cheesy) flavors are gluten free.
    All of our Candied flavors are gluten free.
    Some of our Specialty flavors do contain GLUTEN products. If it sounds like a cake or cobbler dessert, it has gluten in it.
    Examples: Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake, Lemon Cake, Oreo Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Blackberry Cobbler all contain gluten.

    Hope this info helps you out.
    Thank you, Carly