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Kettle Corn

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Traditional sweet and salty kettle style popcorn. Light as air and made the old fashioned way.

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  • Does all the popcorn have soy in it

    Unfortunately all of our popcorn contains 2% or less of Soy Lecithin. This is used as an anti-sticking agent to prevent the popcorn and sugar from clumping.

    Most of the Soy enzymes are broken up during the heating/boiling process.

    I also have a soy sensitivity. Kettle Corn is my all-time favorite popcorn, I eat it weekly and I don't seem to have any reactions to it. I do avoid the Candied flavors though. They tend to make me a little hot and flushed when I eat them.

    Hope this helps you out a little bit.
    Thank you, Carly