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Corporate Gifts

Specialty popcorn is a unique gift idea for companies looking to offer something outside the box. Our small and locally owned business offers a fresh alternative to traditional mass produced gift options. Pop Central Popcorn in Beaumont, Texas offers customizations with logos or messages to help target your specific need, promotion or campaign,. Shipping options for non-local residents is available.

Pop Central has compiled the following information from commonly asked questions to help companies make their gift selection process easier. If you have any questions, please contact Pop Central Popcorn via the form below and we will be glad to help.

Our popcorn is used by companies for many purposes. Below are just a few examples of events in which companies commonly use Pop Central Popcorn's gift options.

 Clients and Customers  Employees
  • Customer appreciation
  • Employee Recognition
  • Client gifts
  • Team Recognition
  • Ice Breaker/ Introduction
  • Goal Completion Celebrations
  • Raffle Items
  • Safety Recognition Awards
  • Door prizes
  • Door prizes


 Although we offer many different packaging options, we have found these items to be of interest to most companies.


"POP" Sampler Tray

  • Customize lid with your logo/message on center label 
  • 6 compartments hold 3 cups each
  • Pre-selected flavors available
  • 65+ Flavors to choose from
  • Fast fulfillment



"POP" Sampler Box

  • Customize with your logo/message on label inside lid
  • 6 of our mini bags per box
  • Pre-selected flavors available
  • 65+ Flavors to choose from
  • Fast Fulfillment


Gift Cards

  • Good online and in-store
  • Allows reciepent to choose exact product
  • Any denomination can be applied
  • Non-expiring
  • 65+ Flavors to choose from
  • Fast fulfillment




  • Non-Customizable
  • 3 different sizes: 1, 2, and 3.5 gallon
  • Choose up to 3 flavors
  • 50+ Flavors to choose from
  • Tin delivery impacted by large orders



Pop Central Popcorn's pricing is based on three catagories of popcorn: Savory, Candied, and Specialty. The menu below will align the catagories with the pricing in an easy to read format. Please note this is our normal pricing. Submit form below or contact us via email at  for volume based discounts.