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Our Mission


Be Flavorful:

We hear OMG's every day, and that is the exact reason we strive to stay on the cutting edge of flavors and popcorn ideas. We love to read, hear and see the reactions of our delighted customers. If you find our popcorn addictive, please share your thoughts on one of our social media links. We would love to hear about it.



     Stay true to Quality:

Not only do we use the very best ingredients to produce all of our delicious products, we also take care as to provide the most consistant product possibe. We are always willing to go the extra mile. Our popcorn is popped fresh daily in our local factory/retail location. So, stop by and experience the aromas we get to smell every day.




Offer Extraordinary Customer Service:

Shopping at a store that prides themselves in customer service makes the whole experience that much better. We want to offer every customer a unique and enjoyable experience everytime they come in. Swing in and try our Sample Bar and don't be bashful, we are enjoying the expierence just like you.




Be a positive Influence to the Community:

We believe that communities, towns, people and neighbors are important. Businesses and companies are built by the people that make up our community. As a locally owned/ operated company, Pop Central believes that helping the community whenever possible is paramount. If you need help raising funds for your organization or a sponsorship in the community, please contact us. We want to hear how we can help.