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Cinnamon Toast Kettle

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Light and crispy, old fashioned kettle corn that gets a cinnamon shower in the final process. This flavor brings back memories of the best cinnamon toast in the world that Maw-maw made!
Popped in 100% coconut oil.
Contains: Corn, sugar, cinnamon, coconut oil.
Gluten Free & Dairy Free

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Ask a Question
  • How long does the popcorn last of unopened?

    Each popcorn flavor has a different "shelf-life" due to its ingredients.
    Cheesy & Salty flavors are always best when fresh. They will stay crunchy up to 2 weeks. The natural oils in the cheese will start to absorb into the popcorn and make it loose it's crunch. The popcorn does not go "bad" but it will go stale just like a bag of chips. Please note that we use real cheese with natural oils and not the powered stuff. 
    If you are placing an order ahead of time, please leave a note so that the popcorn is made and shipped closer to your event date.

    Kettle Corn (Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Toast or Sweet Heat) are all popped in Coconut oil. They will stay fresh in the bag for up to 2 weeks. BUT always remember that everything taste better when fresh so please keep that in mind. Popcorn is meant to be immediately eaten, not bought and then used for a later date.

    Candy coated and specialty flavors with chocolate will stay fresh (sealed in the bag) for up to 1 month. 
    These flavors have a candy coated shell that prevents moisture from absorbing into the popcorn which is the key to keeping it from going stale.

    You can place an order at anytime and have it shipped at a later date.
    There is a "special instructions" box on the cart page to put any details about delayed shipping.

    Please give us a call if you need more info. We are always happy to help!