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Valentine Kettle Corn

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Valentine Kettle Corn - our  traditional sweet & salty Kettle Corn with a white chocolate drizzle and cute Valentine heart sprinkles.

Ingredients: Popcorn, coconut oil, natural & artificial flavor. Sugar, palm kernel oils, whey, nonfat milk, sunflower lecithin & vanilla. 

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free.

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  • I am interested in purchasing the Valentine Kettle Corn w/o the red hearts for for 150 people June 15. Is that doable? I would also like to know how much popcorn is needed for 150 people to have a cone bag of popcorn?

    Hi Wanda, I am so sorry, I had no idea the Valentine Kettle Corn was still showing on the website. That is a seasonal flavor for February so I just checked the website and removed it.
    We do have several other Kettle Corn flavors and lots of others to choose from.
    Popcorn is sold by the bag (mini - X-Large) and bag sizes are measured by the cup (you can use a regular kitchen measuring cup for reference).
    Large bags have 26 cups, XL bags have 42 cups.
    Cone bags come in all different sizes but my guess is probably 2-3 cups per bag. You can measure them by using cereal or rice to fill up.

    This is just a guess because I don't know the size of your bags but I would estimate that it will take 300 cups of popcorn which would be approximately
    7 XL bags + 1 Large. Price will depend on the flavor chosen.
    Here's a link to all of the available flavors right now: