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Spider Red and Blue - Popcorn Party Favor Bags

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Red and Blue Popcorn Party Favors

Size: Each bag contains over 1 cup of popcorn and is heat sealed for freshness. Popcorn bag size is approx. 2" wide & 6" tall.

Shelf Life: Candied & Specialty popcorn will remain fresh for 1 month if unopened and stored in a cool dry place.

Cheese/Salty flavors only have a shelf life of 1 week. This is why we do not offer these flavors in the party favor size bags.

Popcorn Flavor: Cherry & Blueberry Popcorn

Ingredients: Each flavor has different ingredients. Please go to the home page and view the individual popcorn flavors for ingredients.

Allergy info: Caramel flavors contain: Butter & Soy lecithin. Candied flavors contain: Soy lecithin and are Gluten free. Specialty Flavors contain: Dairy (chocolate) & soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is an anti-sticking agent used to keep the popcorn from sticking together. It is used in thousands of food products daily.

Produced In A Facility That Processes Tree Nut/Nuts.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you :)

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  • The bag that has purple and red popcorn is which flavor? I’m trying to find it from the choices.

    Hi Iryna, the popcorn colors on the Spider Verse bags is red & blue (Cherry Blueberry Mix). That option is on the flavor options.
    If you need a different color combo like red & purple we can make it but you will need to leave a note at the checkout. Just select any option on the flavor list but make sure to leave a detailed note on the cart page.
    There is a box that says "special instructions" and you can put your request in there.

    For red & purple I would suggest Cherry & Blackberry mixed.