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Popcorn Sample Pack - 5 Favor Size Bags

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5 Flavor Sample Pack

The Popcorn Sample Pack is packaged neatly in our crystal clear party favor size bags. Each bag is approximately 2" wide x 6" tall and has a little more than 1 cup of popcorn inside. This pack was designed to help customers try a few flavors out for popcorn bars or party favors but it has a lot of other great uses too!
***Get Creative*** This item has so many uses!
• Gift Basket filler.
• Thank you gifts.
• Fits in a purse... sneak it into the movies.

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  • How long does this stay fresh in the bag please? If I have a wedding in mid May is it okay to order it now or will it be stale by then? If so how long in advance tor order about 100.00 worth? Thank you.

    Freshness depends on the flavor category.
    Savory flavors - 1 week shelf life. Fresh is always best. These flavors are made with real cheese. The natural oils in the cheese will start to absorb into the popcorn and make it go soft. It's not so much that the popcorn has gone "bad" but it will definitely lose it's crunch after 1 week. (examples: Cheddar, Loaded Potato, Spicy Crawfish, Pretzels & Ale, Dill Pickle, Movie Theater "butter"etc.)
    Kettle Corn will usually last about 2 weeks since it does not contail any butter or cheese.

    Candied flavors - Over 1 month. Our candied flavors are encapsulated in a candy coating shell layer that prevents moisture from getting inside the popcorn. Moisture is what makes popcorn get stale. Candied flavors have the longest shelf life. (examples: Caramel, Watermelon, Cotton candy, Cornfetti, etc.)

    Specialty Flavors - 1 month shelf life. These flavors typically contain chocolate. (examples: Caramel Sea Salt, Oreo Cheesecake, Blackberry Cobbler, Wedding Cake, etc.)

    If the popcorn is for an event, we like to ship it fresh and schedule it to arrive a few days before your event. Orders can be placed at anytime but please notify us of the event date.

  • Can I get cheese cake and grape mixed together in the individuals bags and if I place order for 100 bags tomorrow will it be here by Friday, April 7th

    Hi Veretta, I will need your zip code and state to know how long it will take to ship it to you.
    Please email and I can give you an exact date.

    If you want a special color/flavor combo, just leave a note in the "Special Instructions" box on the cart page before you check out.
    If you email me directly, I can help you place your order.

    Thank you, Carly