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Popcorn Favor Size Bags (50 pk)

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Choose your popcorn flavor from the drop down menu.

These popcorn favor bags are blank. They do not have any labels.

A little snack that makes a BIG impact! Blank slate popcorn favor bags.
Great for....
•Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Weddings, Anniversary parties.
•Corporate events
•Marketing tools (add your business card)
•Company morale boosters!

Size: Each bag contains over 1 cup of popcorn and is heat sealed for freshness. Popcorn bag size is approx. 2" wide & 6" tall.

Shelf Life: Candied & Specialty popcorn will remain fresh for 1 month if unopened and stored in a cool dry place.

Cheese/Salty flavors only have a shelf life of 1 week. This is why we do not offer these flavors in the party favor size bags.

Popcorn Flavor: Choose flavor from the drop down menu.

Ingredients: Each flavor has different ingredients. Please go to the home page and view the individual popcorn flavors for ingredients.

Allergy info: Caramel flavors contain: Butter & Soy lecithin. Candied flavors contain: Soy lecithin and are Gluten free. Specialty Flavors contain: Dairy (chocolate) & soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is an anti-sticking agent used to keep the popcorn from sticking together. It is used in thousands of food products daily.

Produced In A Facility That Processes Tree Nut/Nuts.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you :)

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Ask a Question
  • I am wanting to order popcorn favor bags with no designs in 50 packs. I want other flavors that are not an option in the drop down. Can I do that? Butterfinger Movie Theater Kettle Cheddar Carmel Wedding Cake

    Hi Alison, we can add a combo of flavors. You will just need to order the set of 50 bags and select any flavor (it doesn't matter).
    After you add it to the cart there will be a box at the bottom that says "Special Instructions to the Seller". In the box send me a breakdown of bags & flavors.
    Ex: 10 bags of Caramel, 10 bags of Kettle, 10 bags of cheddar ... etc.

    We don't mind doing it but I do not usually recommend the Savory flavors in the favor size bags. Savory flavors are like potato chips, light weight and when you get just a tiny amount it's a little disappointing. The savory flavors (Movie Theater, Kettle, Cheddar, etc.) don't have any weight to them and really lack the WOW factor when people receive them. 
    I always suggest to customers to consider either switching to the Mini size bags (3 cups of popcorn) or going with a Chicago Style or White Cheddar & Caramel Mix in the favor size. Both of these flavors have the perfect sweet and salty blend and the Caramel popcorn helps to add some weight to the bags.

    Just think about it. We will fill them with whatever flavor you request.

    Thanks, Carly

  • How long does it take for delivery

    Shipping depends on which state you live in. During the busy holiday season orders typically take an extra 2 days to make and package before they are shipped out. Take a look at the Shipping Info page on our website.
    For a specific delivery date, please send me you zipcode.