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Caramel Sea Salt

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Every wonder what the best selling flavor we have is….. Well this one is at the top of the charts. We start off with our classic caramel candied corn and roll it in a sea salt infused coating that makes this one SUPER special to so many.

Gluten Free and Nut Free.

*Contains Milk, Butter, Chocolate & Dairy.

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  • I need to feed 300 guests. I have the bowls and scoops what is the best way to order?

    Best option is the DIY Popcorn Bar.

    5 popcorn flavors. 50 cups of popcorn in each flavor.

    Most people eat 2-3 cups per person.

  • How many cups in the medium and large bags?

    There are 15 cups in the medium bag and 26 cups in the large bag.
    Popcorn is measured by cups and not ounces because each of our flavors has a different weights due to the ingredients.

    Average amount of popcorn eaten by 1 person is 2-3 cups.