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Blackberry Cobbler Popcorn

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Our blackberry candied Popcorn goes through this AMAZING transformation by layering ingredients and flavors to recreate this SUPER popular after dinner treat. This one flies under the radar, but you won’t be disappointed.


Contains Gluten & Dairy

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  • Do y’all carry sugar free items? Are healthy and nutritional items .

    Unfortunately the only sugar free flavors we have are the Savory flavors with cheese.
    We do not make any of our sweet or candied popcorn flavors with artificial sweetners. 

    Popcorn is a starch and I usually tell our diabetic customers to stick with the cheesy or butter flavors to keep their sugar low.
    Loaded Potato, Dill Pickle & Pretzel & Ale are my favorites! Hot Wings & Ranch is really good if you like it a little spicy.
    You should give those a try :)