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Popcorn Bar- All in One- Serves 100

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Dazzle your guests with an unforgettable Popcorn Bar by Pop Central Popcorn. You provide the event and we will take care of the rest! Popcorn bars are the perfect addition to weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, corporate events and so much more. We offer an All-in-one Popcorn Bar that is sure to please and not bust the budget.

Everything you need, in one complete package. 

• 5 different popcorn flavors of your choice.
• 5 serving bowls.
• 5 aluminum popcorn scoops.
• 5 Flavor labels.

We sell bags and twist ties too. (Don't forget to get cups or bags to serve your popcorn in.) Plastic solo cups work well and our clear popcorn bags look great and they can keep it fresh and take their popcorn home in it. Sold in a set of 100 bags in our Popcorn Bar category. 

Each popcorn bag has 50 cups of popcorn.

Popcorn bar is designed to serve up to 100 guests. 

Have your own bowls and scoops? Check out the DIY Popcorn Bar packages.

Still have questions about amounts or numbers? Feel free to give us a call 409.347.7139  Monday - Saturday 11am-7pm CST, we are glad to help. Or use the  "ask a question" below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Ask a Question
  • So is this 44 cups total? Or per flavor?

    Each bag that you will receive has 44 cups of popcorn in it. The popcorn bar package has 5 bags (5 different flavors) for a grand total of 220 cups of popcorn. This is usually enough popcorn for 100 people if they each take around 2 cups of popcorn each.

  • What is the time frame on orders and shipping process?I have an event March 17, 2018.

    We ship out 3 day service on most orders, unless otherwise noted. If we are busy in-house it could take us a day or two to get the order prepared for shipping. Feel free to call our store to ensure that we can accomodate timely shipping for your event, we are here to help.

  • Would I be getting popped corn or unpopped?

    All of our popcorn arrives to you popped. We make all of of our flavors in small batches to keep it as fresh as possible. We also pop all of our popcorn in 100% Coconut oil.

  • I have an event with 40 people, do you have a smaller package?

    I would recommend ordering 3 or 4 X-Large bags from our flavor menu.

    Each X-Large bag has approximately 42 cups of popcorn. 
    2-3 cups per person is a good estimate for serving size. You will also need to keep in mind what are you serving it in. If you give them a brown paper lunch sack, they will fill it to the top and there won't be enough for everyone.

    The clear popcorn bags that we offer are the perfect size. They hold exactly 3 cups of popcorn.
    Sold in a set of 100 bags and twist ties for $12.00.

    Scoops are also available.

    All you need now is some serving bowls and you're ready to party!

  • Are bags included?

    Bags are not included with the popcorn bars but can be purchased separately $12.00 for 100 bags and twist ties.

  • I have my wedding in Dallas TX on April 13 and I am planning to host 125 people. How much popcorn should I buy and how can I taste the flavors?

    The All in 1 - Popcorn Bar package will feed about 100 guests. It is 5 different flavors of your choice, a total of 210 cups of popcorn (regular 1 cup measuring cup from your kitchen). This is enough popcorn for each person to have approximately 2 cups each. It comes with 5 bowls, 5 popcorn scoops & 5 XL bags of popcorn. The best way to start is to figure out what you will be serving the popcorn in. 9oz clear plastic cups work well or small paper sacks. If you give your guests a large lunch size brown bag, they will fill it all the way up and you will probably not have enough popcorn for everyone. You can also purchase extra bags of popcorn so you will have plenty of backup in case you start to run low. We sell popcorn in several different bag sizes.   The link below will take you to all of our popcorn flavors that we offer.   If you would like to order some flavors to help you decide, I would suggest the 8 Mini Bag Variety pack.   Please give us a call if you still need help. It can be a little overwhelming. 409-347-7139

  • I have a question regarding when to place my order. My wedding is on June 29th and I want to play an order but I want the popcorn to be as fresh as it can be. When would be a good time to place my order?

    The best time frame to order is 2 weeks ahead of the event date. We pop everything fresh the day before it ships out. Once the order is packaged and shipped, it will take 3-5 business days (no weekends) to arrive to you by UPS depending on which state you live in. We want to make sure that it gets to you a few days before the event.  Thank you for asking and please feel free to call us if you have any questions or need help picking your flavors. 409-347-7139 Hours 11am-7pm CST.