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Hurricane Harvey Hits Home

Southeast Texas was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Residents are dealing with the cleanup and aftermath of the storm now which will take months to recover from. Most families homes were flooded and some still have standing water inside of them. Many families are displaced right now and living in shelters or taken in by friends, family and neighbors that did not flood.
Harvey came ashore August 25 as a Category 4 hurricane with high winds and a destructive storm surge. After it moved slightly inland, it swirled in place over Southeast Texas for a few days, dropping record-shattering rain and flooding several areas.
The storm and subsequent flooding left more than 70 people dead and ravaged nearly 300 miles of the Texas coast and parts of Louisiana, flooding homes and displacing more than a million people. 
    The storm caused an estimated $75 billion in damage, officials said, making it one of the most expensive natural disasters on record.
    Pop Central Popcorn was very lucky and did not flood but the City of Beaumont was without water due to the flooding of the water plant. The food and restaurant businesses in the area suffered tremendously from the inoperable conditions. After a week and a half of being closed, Pop Central is finally back in business.
    We will rebuild and recover because we are #TexasStrong
    All proceeds of our Texas Strong popcorn will be donated to Southeast Texas Hurricane Relief efforts.
    Waiting to be rescued.Caravans of military trucks going door to door to evacuate people.Gator Country road completely under water.Road to home flooded.

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